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Name:My 3 Cats
Issues:Holiday Care
Nina Says :-

An excellent service from Positively Responsible. Trustworthy and reliable, providing me peace of mind to enjoy my holiday, knowing my cats were getting care and attention in their own home. Took the stress out of going away too, as loading 3 cats into carriers to get them to the cattery can be challenging!! Thank you so much for taking good care of the girls!
Age:2 years
Issues:Wedding Service
Phil and Kris Duncan Says :-

We used PR animal services in August 2013.We needed someone to look after our two year old Springerdore Saffi.Our wedding was booked for 12.00 Saturday 10th August at Walkergate House,Beverley and we really wanted Saffi to be there as she is part of the family. They collected Saffi from our house in Hull on the morning of the wedding.She was groomed, had a flower collar around her neck and waiting outside the register office to see us go in. All the staff fell in love with her because she looked so cute and was so well behaved.PR animal services looked after her during the ceremony and brought her to us for the wedding "photo call".After the wedding they took her back to Hull and stayed with her until she settled. I can't thank PR animal services enough for all their help that day.They were friendly and totally professional.We had no worries that Saffi would be well looked after. Thanks again Helen for all your help
Issues:Insecurity Issues
Anne Says :-

I was put onto Helen by a friend of mine when my mare (Molly) began to have what can only be described as insecurity issues whilst hacking out in so much that she would only walk so far then turn around for home. These distances where getting shorter with each outing, to the point whereby I was only riding her in the school. I have owned molls for nearly two years, she was originally from France, abused and neglected, but brought over to the UK and slowly found her way to me. Initially, we were good together, but then I lost my confidence with her. Gradually, with help from friends and hypnosis I regained some of my confidence, ironically this seemed to be when Molly lost hers. After speaking to Helen on the phone we agreed that she should come and meet us both. The first session was for us all to say hello and to discuss what Mollys and my goals were. The second time was to introduce molls to the click and reward experience. I spent a few weeks playing with Molly, still schooling, but rebuilding our relationship, the test was when Helen came back and we took her away from the security of her field and friends. Lets just say that first walk out in hand taught me a lot, but with Helens confidence and skills we worked at it, until today when Molly and I hacked out alone, and she only headed back for home when I asked her to! Helen has been fantastic, she isn't pushy and has always been at the end of a phone. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is having issues with an animal be it horse, dog, whatever - to keep an open mind and try the click and reward, its worked for Molly and I. Thanks guys - you're brilliant
Type:Cocker Spaniel
Gemma Says :-

Big thanks to Helen & Paul - they worked wonders with my cocker spaniel `Pepsi`. A lovely dog with people - a true nightmare with other dogs!! Previously a little dog with a BIG attitude we can now walk her happily and safely around other dogs - thanks guys! X
Age:8 yrs
Issues:Shiny Floor Trauma
Fiona Says :-

Rossi has always had problems walking across tiled floors or floors with a shiny surface since being a puppy. This has gradually got worse over the years meaning that he would stand in the same spot and almost `tap dance` before going into our kitchen or slip and slide scrambling to get across the floor. After Helen showed me the basics of T-Touch this is starting to improve very quickly. We have certain `exercises` to carry out two to three times a day and at least Rossi will now walk right into the kitchen without scrambling and panicking to get to carpeted areas of the house.
Type:German Shepherd
Age:12 wks
Issues:1-2-1 Training
Dean, Mel, Chloe and Freya Says :-

Alfie, our White German Shepherd puppy is 12 weeks old. He has been with us for 5 weeks and Paul has been coming for 4 weeks to give us private tuition. As we have 2 kids (a 14 and a 7 year old) we decided that he needed to be properly trained so that they could handle him too. The results after only a short period of time are amazing. Paul makes the training sessions fun so that adults, kids and puppy really enjoy what they are doing. Thanks to Paul`s experience with dogs and continued tuition we are sure that Alfie`s progress will continue and he will be a pleasure as an adult dog.
Type:Labrador x
Age:6 yrs
Issues:Reactive to other dogs
Helen Says :-

We rescued Nina and once settled embarked on training elsewhere. After nearly a year Nina and us were bored of the exact same repetition of exercises. The trainer decided that Nina must have been used for fighting and we went our separate ways. We decided to give Newport Dog Training a go as we now had a baby and Nina's reactivity was a major problem. Our first week we tentatively walked in with her muzzled, harnessed and Halti'd, within a matter of a few weeks we were down to just the harness and not long after that a normal collar and lead. Helen gave us the confidence to free run Nina with the group and Nina has come on massively. Nina was known as the ' scariest dog in the village' and is now the proud recipient of bronze and silver Kennel Club Good citizen Scheme - something we NEVER expected. She is still a work in progress but in 12 months the changes have been massive, and with the huge amount of support from Helen and Paul we are a far happier family with a dog we are no longer ashamed to walk in daylight! For those who have braved the bark they realise how much of a loving dog she is, Thank you
Type:Miniature Schnauzer
Issues:Training from young
Suzi Says :-

Myself and Murphy have been going to classes since he was 12 weeks old. We have learnt a lot in that time including how to use t touch among other things! I like the classes because you can have fun whilst learning and no one looks down on you when you get it wrong (which we are quite good at!) but the best thing is Helen and Paul`s ability to `look outside the box`. If straight obedience doesn`t work then there`s always a way round it. We both love going and still find it invaluable. Thanks to you both and all your helpers.
Age:11 mths
Issues:Improper Training
Karen Says :-

Contacting pranimalservices has been the best thing I have done with regard to Archie. Paul very quickly assessed the situation bringing common sense, humour and straight forward solutions to what were becoming bigger problems as Archie grew. I felt frustrated as he seemed to be romping out of control despite my efforts. Curbing his boisterousness and channelling it into positive commands by the rewarding of good behaviour and ignoring the bad. Both brilliant and successful! I am gaining confidence in taking him out where we meet other dogs and owners, rather than avoiding them to keep my arms intact. Neither of us is perfect yet, but with Paul`s continued encouragement and patience, working to the ultimate goal has created a closer bond between myself and Archie. He does miss the social side of the classes, as I cant get us to them, but the 1-2-1 has really brought results commented on by friends and family. Paul is always professional, with a can/will do attitude, which rubs off on u
Issues:Training from young
Karen Says :-

Alfie has been a "challenge" since he arrived as a small puppy. He is our 5th dog and we thought we knew what we were doing but nothing seemed to work with him. He wouldn`t come when he was called, chases cars and was generally unruly. I signed up for a course of lessons with Paul and Helen but soon found out he couldn`t cope with a class. To their credit, Paul and Helen, instead of showing us the door , have been helping with 1 2 1 sessions which are paying off. Alfie is still a work in progress but I feel with Paul and Helen`s support and advice there is hope that Alfie may become acceptable in public life one day! PS frozen bones....genius!!
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